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Together, let's re-design your communications through iterative capacity building—we can change culture, strengthen community & deepen impact.

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equity-centered brand & communications strategies for organizations

Values into Practice. Communications is one of the most adaptive tools we have to share a vision of the world were those most impacted are prioritized.

Through the strategic use of brand, marketing, communications & technology we have the opportunity to redesign & share a collective vision of what could be—a world that works for all of us.

equity-centered brand & communications strategies for organizations

Month 1: Notice & Reflect
Assessing where we are:  a deep look at your brand, communications & technology through 3 stages: research, findings & recommendations.

Month 2: See the System, Empathize & Define (Intro to Liberatory Design)
Review of organizational core values, brand alignment as well as the full breadth of audience members' lived experiences, needs & motivations.

Months 4-6: Imagine, Prototype & Try
Iterative development of tangible artifacts (ie. marketing & communications assets) to help us 'Build to Think.' This can include logo development & identity materials, cross-channel marketing campaigns, user experience & service design, website design, development & user testing, social media planning & implementation.

Month 3: Inquire 
Develop stakeholder interviews & community surveys to help us better understand the complex equity challenges we're addressing, ensure we have invited multiple perspectives &  designed for optimal collaboration.

Ongoing Planning, Consultations/Coaching, & Maintenance Support
Through continued relationship we can continue to evolve your internal & externally facing communications culture, marketing and community outreach. We often enter retainer contracts at this phase based on annual planning & implementation strategies customized for your organization's needs.

Phase 1

Phase 2

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Phase 3


Rootid Logo
Rootid Logo

Since 2011, rootid has partnered with over 400 nonprofit & social impact organizations through direct service & community education partnerships.

400+ missions amplified

"brandUP completely changed the way we think about strategic communications. As we have grown, this has been critical to building partnerships and our support base."

Katherine Katcher
Founder & Executive Director, 2016 brandUP participant


community-centered communications to advance equity

We are committed to building long-term partnerships, grounded in core values and recognition of the complex equity challenges we face. Join us in re-imagining what community-centered communications can look, sound and feel like across contexts.

In alignment with the Design Justice Network principles as well as the Liberatory Design process, our work centers those most impacted by the outcomes of the design process through collaboration, reflection & iterative adaptation.

Learn Virtually with a Cohort of Nonprofit Leaders

Learn with, and from, peers who have successfully navigated some of the same challenges you are facing. Participate in weekly virtual group coaching sessions and work remotely with peers for deep-dive learning. Review your work through one-on-one consultations and then leverage learnings in your day-to-day work.

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Lead the Culture of Communications at Your Nonprofit

Take away tools and techniques to help everyone (yes, everyone!) in your organization understand the importance of communications. Your mission's success depends on everyone uniting behind the same message.

Work With Our Founders

Rootid's Co-founders run the training and provide hands-on consultations to your team—helping to strategize and create an implementation roadmap that is specific to your organization.

Looking for a little extra support? Sign-up for weekly private one-on-one strategy sessions to accelerate your learning and implementation. 

Our data-driven, iterative approach uses the latest tools & best practices to support ongoing engagement.

Wordpress/Drupal Development & Support

Co-design strategies that identify new opportunities & nurture existing programs & relationships.

Communications Planning

Logos, style guides, campaign assets, annual reports & social media, let's bring your visual language to life. 

Ongoing Graphic Design & Collateral Creation

Our research-based approach guides the defining of organizational goals & building of engagement pathways. 

Service Design & UX

Learn rootid's framework that has a proven track record of brand & communications transformation.

Brand Strategy Transformation

Co-develop activation strategies & messages that compel audience members to engage more deeply.

Campaign Design & 
Multi-channel Marketing

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400+ Missions 


There is such urgency in the multitude of crises we face, it can make it hard to remember that in fact it is urgency thinking...that got us to this point, and that our potential success lies in doing deep, slow, intentional work.


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